NewBreez LP

The NewBreez® is an intralaryngeal implantable device, designed to limit the clinical consequences of a dysfunctional larynx. The silicone body of the NewBreez® is designed to passively fix the device in the larynx which means no surgical attachment to surrounding tissue is necessary and the device can be removed if the patient's condition changes or improves.





1) Normal Breathing: 

Unlike the anatomical epiglottis the NewBreez® cap does not have to open and close to function correctly. In fact the protective cap is designed specifically to allow normal breathing when it is in the idle position allowing for continuous protection of the trachea.



During forceful expiration, coughing or sneezing the cap opens to allow any foreign material or fluid to be cleared from the trachea. 




The protective titanium cap completely covers the silicone body and the entrance to the larynx, thus protecting the trachea. The rounded design of the cap directs food and liquid to the oesophagus.



As the NewBreez® is passively fixed in the larynx it can be removed in a simple procedure if the patient’s condition changes or improves.










Insert the tracheal intubation stylet and slide the NewBreez along the stylet. 





With the foreceps, insert the NewBreez into the larynx and anchor the device in the cricoid cartilage. 




The ideal position is to have the cap 10-15mm above the arytenoid plane.

Release the foreceps and then remove the intubation stylet.





Advice for NewBreez® patients

It is advisable that patients who receive a NewBreez implant inform their family and caregivers about the device and carry the provided medical notification card with them at all times. In case of an emergency the care team should be made aware that the patient has a medical implant and be given information on its function and features. 


Advice for NewBreez patients


Product Information

NewBreez® is a disposable device, manufactured from medical grade silicone and titanium.

NewBreez® is available in three different diameters. The diameter of the laryngeal lumen at the level of the cricoid cartilage should be carefully measured before implantation to ensure the correct size of NewBreez® is used.

  • NewBreez® 14 mm
  • NewBreez® 16 mm
  • NewBreez® 18 mm


The NewBreez® should be implanted by an ENT specialist under general anaesthesia.