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ENTegral Artificial Larynx

ENTegral descriptionENTegral® is an implantable device developed as a solution for patients indicated for total laryngectomy.

The device partially replicates the natural functions of the larynx and the patient is again able to breathe through natural ways and no longer has to endure a tracheostomy. 



Implantation of the ENTegral® is a 2-step surgical procedure



1) First the tracheal prosthesis is implanted during the laryngectomy procedure. This non removable part is made of pure titanium with porous titanium at its distal extremity, designed to be sutured to the proximal trachea.

A temporary cap is closing the top of the prosthesis.

A temporary silicone tube is inserted into the tracheal prosthesis’ lumen, offering support by calibrating the junction between tracheal prosthesis and proximal trachea, thereby preventing the development of a stenotic granuloma during wound healing.



2)   In the second step, after few weeks the temporary cap is replaced by the removable part. 

The removable part made of pure medical-grade titanium, is comprised of a protective cap designed specifically to allow normal breathing and continuous protection of the trachea.

During forceful expiration or coughing the cap opens to expel foreign material from the trachea.